Lower Body, Orthotics & Podiatry Supply

Items that are recommended by foot doctors to aid in the healing & relief of a multitude of problems you may have with your feet!

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The NIGHT SPLINT AIRFORM is the gold-standard in nighttime calf stretching. Featuring an adjustable dorsiflexion angle and a breathable, cushioned airform shell, this brace is comfortable enough to be worn all night long.
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OSSUR Knee Brace

Made from breathable neoprene and reinforced with stabilizing straps, the brace ensures optimal knee support and comfort, making it perfect for athletes as well as everyday use.
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OSSUR Cam-Boot

Its durable materials are adjustable, breathable, and help control swelling. Ideal for post-op management and rehabilitation.
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NEOMEDIC Lymphedema Pump

Lymphedema Pumps are not just a reactive treatment but in many cases they aid in softening fibrotic tissues which will create an environment for higher efficiency lymphatic drainage.
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ITA+MED Thigh High Compression Stockings

Enjoy a superior fit and superior comfort with these clinical-grade stockings.
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These support pantyhose are designed to fit all body types, with controlled graduated compression from the ankle to thigh.
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