A splint is a vital tool for immobilizing injuries or joints. Typically crafted from plaster or fiberglass, it provides external support to aid in the healing process.

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LMB Extension Finger Splint

The LMB Extension Finger Splint treats boutonniere deformity, offering adjustable joint extension and tension control through careful bending. It's latex-free, suits early cases, and sizes by volar distance.

TheraBand Soft Weights

THERABAND Soft Weights enhance fitness with strength, balance, and hand exercises. High-quality, easy-clean PVC with marked weights, perfect for injury recovery and progressive workouts.

Functional Hand Weights

Discover the benefits of Functional Hand Weights, versatile tools designed for strength training and rehabilitation. Improve grip strength and enhance overall fitness with these functional exercise essentials.


Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination Ergonomic base is easy to grip and made with non-latex material Available in resistances ranging from .75 lbs to 13 lbs

Rolyan Black D-Ring Wrist Brace

Choose from various sizes for tailored wrist immobilization with full hand functionality.

Swede-O Thermal Arthritic Gloves

Discover Swede-O Thermal Arthritic Gloves, available in various sizes for both hands, providing comfort and warmth for joint relief. Choose the perfect fit from our size guide for effective support.