Walking AIDS

Our walking aids are crafted for durability, comfort, and ease of use, ensuring you can navigate your daily activities with stability and confidence. Whether you're looking for a simple cane or a feature-rich rollator, we have the right walking aid to assist you on your journey to improved mobility.

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The Airgo Aluminum Etched Cane is lightweight, stylish, and functional, featuring an adjustable length, foam handle, and wrist strap for comfort and security.


Lightweight, sturdy aluminum crutches with a 350lb weight capacity, featuring a double extruded tube for strength and non-skid, jumbo vinyl tips for traction.


- The Round Handle Aluminum Cane offers comfortable and stable mobility with a contoured handle and vinyl grip. - Made from aluminum, it supports up to 250lb and has a locking ring to stop rattling.

Universal Aluminum Crutches With Accessories

Universal Aluminum Crutches offer stability for up to 300lbs with universal adjustment. Lighter than wood, they feature comfy pads and grips for all ages.

Forearm Crutches

Enhance mobility with Vinyl Coated Forearm Crutches, providing comfort and stability. Featuring durable pivoting cuff brackets and contoured handgrips, these crutches are constructed with robust steel tubing for lasting durability.

Walk-Easy Forearm Crutches

Walk-Easy Forearm Crutches, made of lightweight aluminum, offer adjustable height, durability, and comfort with full plastic cuffs, ideal for stable, flexible mobility aid.