Universal Aluminum Crutches With Accessories

Universal Aluminum Crutches offer stability for up to 300lbs with universal adjustment. Lighter than wood, they feature comfy pads and grips for all ages.
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  1. Universal Adjustment: These Universal Aluminum Crutches are designed for use by a child, adult, or tall adult, featuring a versatile adjustment to accommodate various user heights.
  2. Lightweight Design: Lighter than wood, these aluminum crutches provide stability and durability without compromising on weight, ensuring ease of use and portability.
  3. Comfortable Underarm Pad: Equipped with a comfortable and durable underarm pad, these crutches prioritize user comfort during extended use.
  4. Durable Hand Grip: The hand grips of these crutches are designed for durability and comfort, providing a secure hold for enhanced stability.


  1. Universal Adjustment: These crutches offer universal adjustment, making them suitable for use by children, adults, or tall adults, providing versatility for a range of users.
  2. Lightweight Aluminum Construction: Crafted from lightweight aluminum, these crutches ensure stability and durability while being easy to handle and transport.
  3. Comfortable Underarm Pad: The underarm pad is designed for comfort and durability, providing a cushioned and supportive surface during use.
  4. Durable Hand Grip: The hand grips are crafted for durability, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold for users of varying heights.

How to Use:

  1. Adjust Height: Utilize the universal adjustment feature to customize the height of the crutches according to the user's preference.
  2. Comfortable Underarm Support: Enjoy the comfort of the underarm pads, providing support and cushioning during extended use.
  3. Secure Hand Grip: Hold onto the durable hand grips for a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring stability while in use.
  4. Versatile Use: With a 300lb weight capacity and universal adjustment, these crutches are suitable for use by children, adults, or tall adults, providing versatile and reliable support.