- Our Dressing Stick Handle offers versatility in dressing assistance. - With models available in 18" and 24", it features a plastic-coated "S" hook at one end and a small "C" hook on the other, making it suitable for both pulling on and pushing off clothes. - Conveniently retail packaged.
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  • Protective Coating: Plastic-coated "S" hook and small "C" hook for gentle handling of clothes.
  • Adjustable Length: Choose between 18" or 24" options to suit your dressing needs.
  • Dual-Use Handle: Designed for both pulling on and pushing off clothes for comprehensive dressing assistance.

How to Use:

  • Select Length: Choose between 18" or 24" based on your reach requirements.
  • Utilize Hooks: Use the plastic-coated hooks for versatile dressing assistance.
  • Gentle Handling: The protective coating ensures gentle handling of clothes.
  • Ready for Use: Conveniently retail packaged for immediate use.