EverFlo Quiet 120v Domestic

Typical noise level at just 40 decibels Exceptional Sound Quality Meets Budget-Friendly Pricing Compact and Lightweight: Weighing only 31 pounds, ideal for small spaces Effortless Storage and Transport: Designed for convenience
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Prior until now, the majority of oxygen concentrators were large, heavy, and needed constant upkeep from patients and home-care professionals. However, the Respironics EverFlo stationary concentrator, which has a flow rate of 5 liters per minute, has been built with a special combination of characteristics that help to reduce the expense of administering oxygen treatment while ensuring patient comfort.



  • With a weight of 31 pounds, it is small and portable.
  • Compact, ergonomic style requires less room and has a less device-like appearance.
  • among the most discrete mainstream concentrators
  • No change in the homecare provider filter for two years
  • less heat is produced and less power is used, making it more patient-friendly.
  • No filters to be changed by the patient
  • There is no OPI included with this unit (oxygen purity indicator)
  • A flow meter that is recessed lowers the possibility of unintentional breaking.
  • Less likely to break is the sturdy metal cannula connector on EverFlo.
  • The Humidifier Bottle Platform has an easy-to-use velcro closure and is made to work with all bottle designs.